Come join us for the first ever

Adult 4v4 Volleyball 
Monday Night
Sand Volleyball League

League postponed due to registration.

We will be planning adult 4v4 tournaments for the fall.
Be on the look out for upcoming details

$TBD for individual registration
$TBD per team (max 6 players*)

Fall League Rules Summary

Format is 4-on-4.

Maximum 3 men, minimum 1 women on the court

Each match consists of 3 games (to 21, rally scoring, win by 2 or first to 23; 3rd game to 15). Matches must be completed within the allotted time (50 minutes). Score of third game at the end of the 50 minutes will be reported and win/loss awarded in the standings.

No warm-up time on the court. Please come early and warm up on the side

Teams forfeit 1 game for first 7 minutes past game time that they do not have enough players. Teams forfeit all games if not enough players after 15 minutes

A team may rotate any number of players into the game in set order or choose to have a designated sitter for each game

Carrying is illegal. A carry generally is any use of an open hand(s) while making contact with the ball that is not in a firm manner, but can be called with a closed fist at the referee’s discretion.

Any unsportsmanlike behavior will result in that player/team being suspended/removed from participating in all Cottonwood Creek leagues for up to one year.